Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Fun-filled Holiday in Israel

Israel is a considerably old nation adored by many because of its natural and historical beauty. To ask what to do in Israel will sound like a stupid question considering the wide array of wonderful Israel attractions and captivating sites it has to offer. 

Literally, there are about a thousand remarkable things one can do when in Israel – from travelling around various ancient and sacred places which all commemorate the country’s rich history to basking in its magnificent beaches and superb sceneries. A tour around the country of Israel will never be complete without a taste of at least some of these pleasurable activities. Read further to get a little glimpse of what to do in Israel and the many things about the country that will surely tickle your interest. 

Israel, for most people throughout the world, is “the Holy Land”. It is the only country precious to all Muslims, Christians and Jews. The country’s capital city, Jerusalem, houses the most sacred places of all the three beliefs. Jerusalem’s Old City is among the world’s most passionate and enthralling places. Within its confines lies the Western Wall viewed as the most holy site to Jews, the Church of the Sepulcher to Christians and finally, the Dome of the Rock to Muslims. 

Aside from these popular attractions, the country itself is filled with countless Biblical sites. Your trip in Israel may be simply and pleasurably spent driving along places and roads you might have only read about in several history books or the Bible. 

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