Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glimpse to Bar Mitzvah Tours & Festivity

One of its well-celebrated festivities is the "bar mitzvah", which has been celebrated by Israel's Jewish people as a sign of coming to proper age among its young men.

A glimpse of the festivity of "bar mitzvah" will make every traveler from every corner of the world gasp in awe, due to the Jews' observance and due importance given to this festival. To the Jews, a boy reaching the age of thirteen (13) is worthy of being anointed as he is considered old enough to understand the passages and teachings of the Torah. Furthermore, it is in this festivity that Jewish parents celebrate the adulthood of their sons and prepare them to be a fully-accepted part of the society. Whether the age of the young men who were subjects of the festivity is based on the start of youth, you will be amazed with how they were given credit as part of the Jewish community.

Being accepted as part of the Jewish community is the fulfilment of the aspiration of the Jewish parents for their kids. To this point, reaching the age of "bar mitzvah" signifies a responsible citizen, including moral responsibility for his actions, being eligible to read passages from the Torah, participate or lead in prayers and be married according to their traditions.

Series of bar mitzvah tours occur almost all year round as the festival does not point to a fixed date of its celebration. Travellers and tourists may be enthralled with the religious proceedings of the bar mitzvah that culminate typically with a "seudat mitzvah", a celebratory meal with family, friends and members of the community. This meal also gives these young men an honorary recognition for being full-pledged members with responsibilities to fulfill. Synagogues, or the temples of the Jews, often organize a celebration that offers simple meals and rituals or prayers for these youth.

Jewish families also show their best to provide their newly-accepted celebrant son a good party, throwing a special party treat or going into a special trip in places of importance to the celebrant. More so, the most common lavish parties are even held at hotels, country clubs and beaches. What's enthralling to this celebration is that when a whole bunch of households celebrate the "bar mitzvah", a common party may erupt even in the streets, attracting locals and tourists alike.

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