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Choosing Your Private Tour Guide

It might seem like a simple task to hire a private tour guide in Israel given the fact you are getting someone just for you. The issue is making sure you find someone who not only knows the area but understands a little about you, your group and what it is you might be interested in. When you find the right tour guide, you would be amazed at the little gems that can be uncovered.

Israel private tour guides are often focused on all the religious sites given the deep seeded history in the area. The truth is, there are many other things to see and there are groups that want to know more about local culture, cuisine or other behaviors. The right tour guide can take you on the “foodie” journey of Israel rather than the religious past type tour. A perfect tour guide can find a way to marry the two options together.

Travelling in Austria, it seemed many of the tours focused on the famous films and standards of the region. There are private tours that can take you through the true hill country. You can take a look at how the farmers make their living and even sample some of the fare. There is much more to the region than the large towns.

One of the most popular private tours on the market in Germany is probably the beer tour. Here you can find many different guides to take you through the full history of German beer and how the process has developed over the years. Of course, this type of tour is often booked up during the Oktoberfest time.

No matter what you like, there is a private tour guide out there who can show you what is special about any area. By thinking a bit outside the box you can experience a more unique journey on your travels and you won’t have to just see the same old statues and buildings of everyone else. You pictures and your memories will truly be one of a kind, something you will never forget.

A Truly Religious Bar Mitzvah

There is no denying the Bar Mitzvah ritual has changed over the years. While the reading of the scrolls and the Temple part is still very much the same, the party afterwards has evolved. That is not to say it is bad, but when you live in a community where it is seen as a party every weekend you may begin to wonder if it is really where you want to spend your money and is this transition to manhood you seek for your child. An excellent alternative is to throw a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. While this might seem far fetched, the idea is catching fire in many places.

While you will likely have a much smaller group, you will be able to have a truly Jewish experience. For many young men this is their first trip to the sacred land and the Bar Mitzvah takes on an even deeper meaning. You can plan tours before and after the celebration. You can bring with you as many or as few people as you like. Most of all you can make sure the celebration is one of tradition and meaning rather than just a DJ with a bunch of pre-teens dancing the night away.

There are a number of services online that can help you plan the ceremony and the party location. As this has grown in popularity there are many businesses popping up to service those who are looking to put on such a celebration. The Israel Ministry of Tourism can help point you in the right direction and make your Bar Mitzvah in Israel plan to be a bit easier.

You should check with the child to see what they want as well, but selling them on a once in a lifetime trip shouldn’t be too difficult. The one piece of advice many parents give is to let the child bring at least one of their closest friends. As much as family is important, it helps to have a teenager experience something like this with their peers, it tends to make the whole journey a little more “real.”

Finding your way to See Jerusalem

When it comes to experiencing Jerusalem there are just so many options. Because it is the heart of three separate religions and very different people, it can be a confusing place to start. The great thing is there are a number of Jerusalem tour guides who can help you determine the Jerusalem tour that is right for you. You can experience all three religions, go for the Holy City tour, take a Jewish heritage tour and even head out to Bethlehem. With so much to choose from you might find yourself taking multiple tours of Jerusalem just to see all that you want.

Don’t feel bound by your belief system. Even if you have specific things you want to see because of your personal religion, try to be a bit open minded. This is something much of the region and the world could use and by expanding your tour options to include the other side of things, you might find you learn enough to make you more tolerant and understanding towards others.

There are many ways to see the town. You can head out on a segway, you can take a walking tour, a bus tour or even go in a luxury car. However you are most comfortable, that is how you should go. Often this is a once in a lifetime trip, so take the time to save money up and do what you really want to do while you are there. You don’t want to go home and regret the fifty bucks you didn’t spend only to realize it was the thing you never get to see.

There is wine! The food in the area is legendary especially when it comes to wine and cheese. This couples nicely with a trip to the Islamic Art Museum. A region so steeped in religious culture has plenty of other culture as well. It is easy to forget but you should take full advantage while you are there. A small side trip could lead to the most exciting part of your Jerusalem journey in no time at all.

Israel, a Land Rich in Culture

There are many reasons to travel to Israel. For some it feels like a journey home, for others it is an exploration in a religious background they may not understand. Whatever your reason for seeking a visitation to the Holy Land, it is important that you find things that truly make your experience unforgettable. For most people this means looking into the deep religious history of the area.

You might not know it, but there is the Israel Museum. This is a great place to start to see the history of the area and how it truly came to be. The museum covers the whole history of the region including the many religious transitions the area has gone through. By visiting the museum you may find there are even more sites you want to see than ever before. If you start here, you might have a deeper understanding of the places you go on your other Israel daily tours.

Many people have heard of the Wailing Wall, but might not understand the importance of the location. It is believed to be all that remains of a once great Jewish temple. Extending a mere 62 feet above the ground it is considered to be a sacred site, one that represents much of what the Jewish people have lost over the years, including their history. But it also stands for the resillence of the people. Despite the temple being gone, the people survive, in fact thrive. It stands as a true symbol of strength. This wall is a part of many of the Israel daily tours.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a marriage between the Christian history and the Jewish history. It is a place where those who believe in God’s son, Jesus can walk where he walked. For those of the Jewish faith, it is believed to be the site of the first and second Jewish temples in the region. There are many theories surrounding all of these ideas, but when you are there you have the opportunity to feel the importance of the history and love surrounding you.

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Jerusalem and Dead Sea slideshow

See our new slide show of Jerusalem and Dead Sea pictures.
For more information about Dead Sea tours, organized Jerusalem Tours and Jerusalem private tours visit

Jerusalem And Dead Sea With Slideshow: Gold’s trip from Jerusalem, Israel to Dead Sea Region was created by TripAdvisor. See another Dead Sea Region slideshow. Create your own stunning free slideshow from your travel photos.

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Travelling to Israel and Touring Jerusalem, the Old City

Tours to Israel, particularly in Jerusalem have been of diverse intentions from flocking tourists and adventure-seeking lovers from all over the corners of the globe. Some preferred to see the city that have been the bosom of Christianity; some, for pilgrimage and recollecting the biblical times through visits to the distinguished places like the Gethsemane gardens, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Dome of the Rock and the Via Dolorosa, when Jesus passed his way leading to Golgotha or the Calvary. Still other fascinating facts about Israel are its wonderful geographical and topographical locations and wonders that allure not just tourists, but also scientists and researchers in every field. These things, among others, may be one of yours.

The 3,000-year old city boasts of its wonderful and effulgent, strategic location. For centuries, the old city has become the melting pot of diverse cultures and catered those who cross the lands. Jerusalem is indeed a city where major crossroads converge. Guides in Israel, in the form of local maps, tourism offices, and even the welcoming people are always accommodating and ready to give anyone a complete, worthwhile visit.

To make your visit more worthy of the experience, it is better to plan your trip in advance so as not to miss the beautiful sites Jerusalem has to offer. Jerusalem tour guides are always available to make the travel and site-hopping more of an experience, adding your appreciation to the Jewish culture as they unfold you the stories of the city. Being infused with Arab and Christian cultures, the city is open for smorgasbord of traders, travellers and even tourists whom you can exchange with pleasantries or conversations. Souks, or markets, boast off various products like spices, cedar, souvenirs and delectable gastronomic dishes. Its squares and temples are also teeming with people who come for pilgrimage or for educational purposes.

A great glimpse on the Old City will surely bring each traveller a worthy experience. A journey to Jerusalem even in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is a sure fulfilment of dreams for Christians and non-Christians alike. What else can you wish for – make the glimpse on the magazine and computer be a real-life experience!

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Tours to Israel: A Glimpse on Jerusalem, the "Holy City" of Israel

Imagine yourself landing from a plane, finding yourself in the land where synagogues, Jews, high priests, myrrh and aloes, and the Gethsemane gardens were said to have existed? The arid, dusty city that is immortally eulogized as the "Land of Milk and Honey" - Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel.

History of this old city dates back in the times of Abraham, the father of all nations. Great kings like David and Solomon rose from the line of Abraham and ascended to the throne of kingship, building and strengthening the kingdom amidst various threats from the tribes of the Philistines, Ottomans, Mameluks and Babylonians. The rise and fall of Jerusalem created marks in its history, infusing various cultures and traditions which were embraced by the Israelis even until today.

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Glimpse to Bar Mitzvah Tours & Festivity

One of its well-celebrated festivities is the "bar mitzvah", which has been celebrated by Israel's Jewish people as a sign of coming to proper age among its young men.

A glimpse of the festivity of "bar mitzvah" will make every traveler from every corner of the world gasp in awe, due to the Jews' observance and due importance given to this festival. To the Jews, a boy reaching the age of thirteen (13) is worthy of being anointed as he is considered old enough to understand the passages and teachings of the Torah. Furthermore, it is in this festivity that Jewish parents celebrate the adulthood of their sons and prepare them to be a fully-accepted part of the society. Whether the age of the young men who were subjects of the festivity is based on the start of youth, you will be amazed with how they were given credit as part of the Jewish community.

Being accepted as part of the Jewish community is the fulfilment of the aspiration of the Jewish parents for their kids. To this point, reaching the age of "bar mitzvah" signifies a responsible citizen, including moral responsibility for his actions, being eligible to read passages from the Torah, participate or lead in prayers and be married according to their traditions.

Series of bar mitzvah tours occur almost all year round as the festival does not point to a fixed date of its celebration. Travellers and tourists may be enthralled with the religious proceedings of the bar mitzvah that culminate typically with a "seudat mitzvah", a celebratory meal with family, friends and members of the community. This meal also gives these young men an honorary recognition for being full-pledged members with responsibilities to fulfill. Synagogues, or the temples of the Jews, often organize a celebration that offers simple meals and rituals or prayers for these youth.

Jewish families also show their best to provide their newly-accepted celebrant son a good party, throwing a special party treat or going into a special trip in places of importance to the celebrant. More so, the most common lavish parties are even held at hotels, country clubs and beaches. What's enthralling to this celebration is that when a whole bunch of households celebrate the "bar mitzvah", a common party may erupt even in the streets, attracting locals and tourists alike.

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Israel Pilgrimage Tours

Israel pilgrimage involves the visit of many famous places as mentioned in the bible. If you are planning to perform Israel pilgrimage, there are many things to consider on such holy trip. It is necessary to consult some tour planners who will assist you best in this regard. The Israel pilgrimage is not at all heavily expensive, but very reasonable, indeed. In order to initiate your Israel pilgrimage, it is essential to have a good physical health as the tour consists of a lot of walking to the religious sites and destinations. Tour to Jerusalem is among the essential destinations for Israel pilgrimage.

Tour to Jerusalem has a strong significance and impact, and many people are attracted towards the capital of Israel, due to its religious importance and historical cultural sites. Going for a tour to Jerusalem is similar to go back in the history, where the life of the people was very simple, religion was given the prime importance, and families and relations were given the first priority.

There are many interesting places for pilgrims to visit during the holy land tour to Israel. Some of Jerusalem important sites include mount Zion, church of the holy sepulcher, tomb of King David, and Mount of Olives. Not just that, the temple of mount and dome of the rock is also considered as vital to visit. However, the best way to start the tour to Jerusalem is by visiting the old Jerusalem, which is so fascinating that you will surely feel the pleasure of history. The old churches will take you back to the time in history; hence, making your tour truly mesmerizing.

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Take a Tour to Jerusalem - the City of God

Holy land tours are considered as spiritual and mesmerizing for the people belonging to different religions. The holy land tours bring strong images, memories, and feelings to mind; regarding the religious history. Such holy land tours are useful to discover the unique cultures and heritage of the ancient times. The experience of holy land tours is quite realistic, through which the tourists and pilgrims knows much about the history and their connection to the spiritual roots. 

Some of the holy land tours include Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. One of the holy land tours that attract most of the Christians is of Israel. Israel pilgrimage of the country; particularly pilgrims make a tour to Jerusalem due to its religious value and strong historical belief. However, the Israel pilgrimage constitutes mainly of Christians, Muslims, and Judaism. 

Holy land tours are very much beneficial when performed at certain time period, as specified in the historical books. Israel pilgrimage for tour to Jerusalem is done almost all year around. However, there are certain factors that need to be considered before planning a tour to Jerusalem, such as weather and Israel holidays time period. 

Consult with your famous trip planners, read the internet regarding the places of interest you would like to visit or you can always take Jerusalem private guide who will show you the most interesting places and will tell you the stories of those places.

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Israel Tourist Attraction

The city of Jerusalem is known as the city of God on the basis of its historic sites and religious importance. The walking tour Jerusalem is considered as one of the biggest Israel attractions, preferred by many tourists. All those interested in history and archeology takes the walking tour Jerusalem in order to lighten their mind and discover the real beauty. Walking tour Jerusalem starts best with the old city of Jerusalem, which is the symbol of religious offering. The walking tour Jerusalem may also include the visit of holy places i.e. church. 

Holy Sepulchre is the holiest Christian church in the entire world. After visiting this place, the tourists can plan further for walking tour Jerusalem through garden tomb. There is a trail of fourteen stations that are known as the path of Jesus during the time of his arrest. Walking tour Jerusalem on these paths is of major importance and a thing to remember for the Christians. Among other Israel attractions in the capital city, is the citadel fortress that can be visited easily by walking tour Jerusalem. 

Tourists checking for Israel accommodation options may like kibbutz hotel. Kibbutz hotel is a kind of guest house located in kibbutz - a collective community in Israel that was traditionally based on agriculture. The rooms of kibbutz hotel serve with peace of mind, as the ambiance is very pleasing and often called Zimmer. The guest houses of kibbutz hotel are secular as well as religious, depending upon the choice. There are museums that act as source of attraction for the kibbutz hotel’s guest, in most of their guest houses. There are varieties of services and amenities provide by the kibbutz hotel. Some of the amenities of kibbutz hotel include television, air conditioning, dry cleaning, parking, and other facilities. All you need to do is to research a little bit for the best kibbutz hotel near Jerusalem, according to your desire. 

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A Fun-filled Holiday in Israel

Israel is a considerably old nation adored by many because of its natural and historical beauty. To ask what to do in Israel will sound like a stupid question considering the wide array of wonderful Israel attractions and captivating sites it has to offer. 

Literally, there are about a thousand remarkable things one can do when in Israel – from travelling around various ancient and sacred places which all commemorate the country’s rich history to basking in its magnificent beaches and superb sceneries. A tour around the country of Israel will never be complete without a taste of at least some of these pleasurable activities. Read further to get a little glimpse of what to do in Israel and the many things about the country that will surely tickle your interest. 

Israel, for most people throughout the world, is “the Holy Land”. It is the only country precious to all Muslims, Christians and Jews. The country’s capital city, Jerusalem, houses the most sacred places of all the three beliefs. Jerusalem’s Old City is among the world’s most passionate and enthralling places. Within its confines lies the Western Wall viewed as the most holy site to Jews, the Church of the Sepulcher to Christians and finally, the Dome of the Rock to Muslims. 

Aside from these popular attractions, the country itself is filled with countless Biblical sites. Your trip in Israel may be simply and pleasurably spent driving along places and roads you might have only read about in several history books or the Bible. 

Israel Attraction for the Tourists

The tour to the holy land of Israel is an amazing experience. There are thousands of tourists visiting Israel; not just for the purpose of traveling, but to perform the religious duty as well, in order to come closer to the religion. There are numerous Israel attractions that become difficult for the pilgrim to choose from. Therefore, it is better to hire a travel agent who will guide you best, regarding the Israel attractions. 

Some of the best tours to Israel attraction sites for tourists include: Nazareth tours, Jerusalem tours, Bethlehem and Jerico trips. Whenever you plan a visit to Israel, don’t forget to visit these cities. The famous holy Israel attractions include: the Western Wall and the temple mount of Jerusalem, the garden tomb, the church of the Holy Sepulchre, the church of the nativity-Bethlehem and the shepherd’s field. These Israel attractions are of great significance and make you go back in the history. In addition to these places, there are numerous Israel attractions for the pilgrims and tourists, like Caesarea, which is the historic roman city near the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv Jaffa, and Mount Hermon. 

Cities to Visit in Israel

Hassle-free Israel Tours

Excited to explore the attractions of your Israel tour, you alight from the plane, breeze through customs, and effortlessly get inside an awaiting vehicle. Sounds like a dream? Not anymore. These days, the convenience of a VIP airport service and a personal tour guide are becoming basic amenities for visitors who desire a satisfying, hassle-free vacation in Israel.

VIP service at Israel airport expedites all airport transactions, leaving your energy intact for the succeeding days. When you avail of a basic package, a VIP assistant waits for you with a sign, facilitates speedy transactions in passport control, identifies and collects your luggage, and finally escorts you to a waiting vehicle. For a higher rate, he/she would wait at the aircraft door, brings you to a waiting car that drives to the arrival halls. There, passport control and luggage retrieval are provided by the assistant. The most expensive VIP treatment has an assistant meet you at the plane’s door and bring you to the car that transports you to the Masada Lounge. There, you and your party can relax while the assistant completes passport control for you. After that, you proceed to your final destination onboard a comfortable car or van. The rates for VIP airport service ranges from USD $115 to USD $300 depending on the service provider, number of persons, and the chosen package.

Every year, there are more than 3 million tourists coming to Israel. This results in many kinds of Israel tours to choose from. You don’t have to take the generic bus tour. Avail of a personal tour guide to make your visit more rewarding and convenient. Israel private tour guides are well-educated, either born in Israel or legal residents of the country. Each has a tour guide license from Israel’s Ministry of Tourism obtained after undertaking a specific academic course. Israel’s personal tour guides are proud of their heritage. They know much about their geography and their culture and they are willing to share this with their visitors. The services of a personal tour guide exclusive of a vehicle is about USD $350. A complete package (guide and vehicle) would be about USD $550 to USD $900 per day.

Realize your dream vacation through a hassle-free Israel tour. Avail of the VIP Israel service at the airport for convenience and let us welcome you to Israel in the best way. Add a personal tour guide and your experience would indeed be more rewarding.

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Tanya Beadsley's visit in Israel

Tanya Beardsley, the international Zumba performer, visited Jerusalem and the Dead Sea area during her trip to Israel in May 2012.

The clip was shot in Tower of David in Jerusalem, in the Cardo, in Jaffa gate and Mamilla open mall. The vidoe includes also scenes from the Light festival and the Knights festival in Jerusalem.

Tanya Beardsley was a professional ballroom dancer when she tried her first Zumba class in 2001. And that's all it took; She's been hooked on the Latin-inspired dance exercise program ever since. Now as a Zumba trainer, Beardsley teaches Zumba Fitness for a living. Check out the video to get her workout motivation mantra!

Tanya was filmed dancing covered with Dead Sea mud and touring on the back of the camel in the Judea desert.

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Trips to Masada

Your vacation in Israel will be incomplete without Masada tours being an intrinsic part of your itinerary. It is an unforgettable blend of religion, history and the wonders of nature. Legends that have shaped mankind state that it is right here at the juncture of Jordan River and the Dead Sea that Jesus was baptized. Near this place is the Qumran where John the Baptist lived with his followers. The fabled Biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are believed to be located here. And one of the leading Israel tourist attractions, the Dead Sea scrolls is here for the world to see the oldest of all biblical scripts.

You can reach Masada from Tel Aviv as well as from Jerusalem as a day trip. You can of course extend your stay and soak in the natural goodness of the Dead Sea. You can float about in the sea which abounds in rich minerals or soak in the therapeutic mud and sulphur baths in the spas along the shore. What is rare for the rest of the world comes naturally to the place and makes Masada tours more of a glorious experience.

Private tours in Israel

Private tours can be theme or route based. You can choose a day tour or a week long depending on your budget, schedule and your destination. To view the modern day and cosmopolitan Israel you can choose the Tel Aviv tours. If you want to trace the path of early Christianity you can opt for a Holy Land tours or look for Jerusalem tour guides.  

A glimpse at some of the popular Israel private tours:

  • Tel Aviv Tours: A drive through the thriving metropolis of Tel Aviv will bring you to the juncture where modern day Israel shares the podium with the ancient history, art and culture of a place which is known as the Promised Land. Among the places of interest you will find the Dizengoff Street, the Hall of Independence, Rothschild's Boulevard, and the memorial at Yitzchak Rabin Square. Also worth visiting are the Weizman Institute in Rehovot, the Museum of the Diaspora and the notable Ammunition Slik in Nes Tziona. Take time to step into the Great Synagogue and also the famous Safari Zoo.
  • Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour: Get on the holy tour of the holy land to experience spiritual awakening at the birth place of Christianity and Judaism. Witness the Old city and New Jerusalem, the old Carrdo – Jewish market place during the Roman times and pay your respects at the holy place of Kotel – the Wailing Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Jerusalem tour guides will take you further on to Bethlehem to view the Shepherd’s field, Rachel’s Tomb, Manager’s square and the church of Nativity.

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Israel tourist attractions - Masada

To reach Masada you descend all the way down to the Judean Desert. And before you further descend to the lowest point of the Earth (the Dead Sea is located at 400m below the actual sea level) you will have the opportunity to pass by and visit the fabled inn of the Good Samaritan. This famous inn is a 19th century Turkish building which is home to one of the largest museums of Mosaic work of the world. And it is also home to the faithful belief that this here the actual Good Samaritan of the Bible worked his kind magic making it rich in both art and history. The displays include archaeological artifacts and mosaics from Jewish and Samaritan synagogues as well as from Christian churches, making the museum a must-visit site in the list of Israel tourist attractions

Planning a vacation in Israel is like packing up your desire for the deep history and spiritualism of the country. And Masada tours offer one of the finest examples of those. Here you will find the famous fortress, the 2000-year old palace which was built by King Herod, where the later Jews rebelled against the tyranny of Rome and then martyred themselves rather than give into the ignominy of slavery. It has inspired many generations of travelers filling them with awe at their brave deed making Masada a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Masada tours also include a nature hike to the Ein Gedi, a national park for endangered animals which also boasts of several ancient sites and refreshing and beautiful pools. When you leave the Judean desert for Jerusalem you will get a splendid view of the Old Roman Road and Jericho.

Israel private tours

While you visit any new country or city there are many questions that pop up in your mind. For instance, how will you overcome the language barrier, understand and be sensitive towards cultural differences, etc. To get rid of such worries and to see the place in the best manner tour guides have been the age old options. And to get more out of your trip you can opt for Israel private tours and discover a whole new way of traveling through Israel.

Israel private tours comes equipped with trained tour guides who are well versed with the history, topography, culture and other detailed information. Additionally many of the guides are skilled at multiple languages like English, Dutch, and French to lift the language barriers. These can be organized for individuals and small as well as large groups of tourists. They will create a detailed trip itinerary for you and make all the desired arrangements for your trip.

Masada Tours

There are lots of things to do in Israel and you need do a thorough research and plan your vacation in Israel well if you want to savor every mile of this beautiful culture packed country. But, no trip in Israel is complete without a touch of Masada tours. The site of the infamous siege and the gory rebel suicides, Masada has been a part of Israeli history from time immemorial. Typical Masada tours include a journey down the stark beauty of the Judean Desert and a visit to the inn of the Good Samaritan, one of the world’s largest Mosaic museums. The main attraction is the 2000-year old palace built by King Herod which later became the site for Jewish defiance of the Roman rule and the subsequent mass suicide.

Once you have seen and felt the magic of the place you can conclude your Masada tour with a therapeutic treatment with the natural Dead Sea mud and salt at the leading spas.

A vacation in Israel is multifaceted with the newer and modern art and culture influence of Tel Aviv to the ancient and traditional feel of Jerusalem and Masada. You will find that there are numerous things to do in Israel including adventure sports and holy land pilgrimage. This diversity is a part of the land’s history, its unique geographical location which encompasses both land and sea boundaries.

The wanderlust in you looks for adventure every time you travel to newer lands and your Israel adventure will be an equally unique experience. Israel is the Promised Land mentioned as early as Biblical times and it has also been marked with equal stress and strife in modern times. Yet, every time it has risen to the occasion and shown the world the greatness and glory of its heritage. It is perhaps one the very few countries that draw people for religion and adventure with equal zest.

Therefore, when you plan your vacation in Israel you need to keep these diversities in mind. Plan your tours around the adventurous activities like hang-gliding & paragliding, rafting and kayaking, with camel and jeep tours, water and snow skiing, as well as skydiving. In between these you can sate the history buff in you by visiting the old ruins and archaeological sites, the Dead Se scrolls. And if you are looking for spiritual things to do in Israel then a Holy Land tour should be in your agenda. You can retrace the steps of Jesus’s life from Bethlehem to Nazareth; feel the room of the Last Supper and Christ’s sacrifice and pain in the Crucifixion site.

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Top Israel Tourist Attractions

Israel is a fascinating tourist destination. From Dead Sea to Bahai Garden, mountain fortress Masada to Western Wall and not to forget, the Mount of Olives and Ein Karem- Israel tourist attractions cater to all kinds of tourists. Whether you are a religious person, a scholar with keen interest in history or an excited tourist, travel Israel to satiate the wanderlust in you.

Some of the most visited Israel tourist attractions are:

-          Jerusalem for Temple Mount, Wailing Wall, Mount of Olives, Church of Maria Magdalene, Yad Yashim Holocaust Memorial Museum, Dead Sea- the lowest point on Earth, Mt Zion related to King David and Ein Karem. Interestingly, Jerusalem is divided into four quarters: Christian, Armenian, Muslim and Jewish. It is a beautiful conglomeration of four different faiths. You don’t need to be with luxury Israel tours to visit these places. You can design your own itinerary or go for private tour companies too. But guided tours Israel is highly recommended for these sites so that you can be enlightened about the historical and religious backgrounds of each.
-          Tel Aviv for a cosmopolitan as well as cultural feel. This place is known for its gorgeous beaches. The vibrant night life of Tel Aviv makes it one of the most sought after Israel tourist attractions. With guided tours Israel can be even more fun as you will in-depth insights to every culture packed location.
-          Nazareth for its immense religious significance. This place is marked as the birth place of Christ, is therefore one of the major Israel tourist attractions for Christians the world over.
-          Caesarea for Crusader and Roman ruins.
-          Eliat for the beautiful Red Sea coast. The presence of coral reef makes the water appear reddish. People from the whole world gather here for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Other important Israel tourist attractions are the national parks, nature reserves and hiking trails. Long beaches along the coasts of Red Sea, Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea make it a world class tourist destination.

The luxury Israel tours can make your trip comfortable and hassle free. You will not need to worry about the itinerary, or moving around, multiple bookings or even refreshments on the road. Everything required enjoy your travel Israel will be taken care of by the management. And this does not mean that you have to shell out a lot of money to get this guidance. There are options of guided tours Israel travel in all kinds of budgets, agencies who provide quality service at an inexpensive price. And you can still get to see all the important Israel tourist attractions without spending a fortune.

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What to do in Israel?

Israel is an important tourist destination from both religious and geographical perspectives. You never fall short of options in Israel. Let us explore the options of what to do in Israel. Whether you are availing group tours to Israel or be on your personal trip, Israel has much more to offer than you had thought of.

Religious Tour

This section is not complete without the mention of old city of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount, the Wailing Wall or Western Wall, Dome of the Rock, Church of Holy Sepulchre, al-Aqsa Mosque etc are some of the answers to your question of ‘what to do in Israel’. The usual tour packages include these points. But if you are on your own, avail service of Israel private tours so that you don’t miss out on anything. These tours will take you through the land where Jesus was born, where he preached all the way to the site of his crucifixion, ensuring that you have truly memorable experience.

Geographical Marvels

Still wondering what to do in Israel? You will be amazed how Mother Nature has blessed Israel with numerous marvels. Among them there is the Dead Sea, the lowest point of the world. Due to excessive deposits of minerals in water, life cannot be sustained here. Hence, the name Dead Sea. The Red Sea, named so after the coral reef, is a treat to eyes. Near the Red Sea is Eliat which is famous for its underwater observatory, upscale resorts and spas and various adventure sports. Other spots that you must not miss out on are Ramon Crater- world’s largest crater and gorgeous beach of Tel Aviv. Whether you are taking group tours to Israel or opting for Israel private tours, you will be taken to all these spots.

Historical Spots

Holocaust is another aspect without which Israel tour is incomplete. To pay homage to the six million Jews who fell prey to the Holocaust you must visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. It is a 45 acre land that houses library, museum, monuments and exhibition halls. Overlooking the Dead Sea, there is the fortress of Masada where thousands of Jews chose to commit suicide but did not surrender to the Romans. This is an integral part of Israel private tours as well as group tours to Israel from foreign countries.  

And then there is the vivacious and exuberant night life of Tel Aviv. From dance centers, theatres, galleries to clubs and bars, there is everything you may need it call it a day. And you will wonder why you ever thought what to do in Israel. Undoubtedly, Israel is the most underrated yet rich tourist destination. 

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New site

Our new and improved site is now available - look up for tours, vehicles and all the information you need for your trip in Israel.