Friday, August 16, 2013

Make His Bar Mitzvah Special - Creating unforgettable memories in Israel

While you are considering your options, there cannot be any place better than Israel to spend this happy occasion. Israel is the sacred place where Judaism took its roots and the country also has some very exciting tourist attractions, which can take your breath away. These places are full of culture and ancient tradition which will make the rituals to which your child is being introduced to, come alive. Thus, bar mitzvah trips in Israel could really make your child’s experience memorable for the rest of his life. It would be a wonderful time to pay homage to the great land, and a pilgrimage which you would all remember for many days to come. Your child would then cherish the memories, and take on his new phase in life with fresh feelings of contentment.

Holiday packages

There are plenty of Israel tour packages available for bar mitzvah tours in Israel and these packages usually include airfare, visa and visa processing fees, accommodation, food and sightseeing. You can pick the packages depending on the size of your family, and the number of days you can get off work. Most of the packages for bar mitzvah tours in Israel also include visits to some of the most beautiful places in Israel full of historic and religious significance. If your child’s birthday is somewhere during religious festivals, you could also use it as a great opportunity to visit the country at peak time when festivities are at their fullest. If you are yourself not very well versed with the Torah, you and your family could also attend special seminars which truly explain the full significance of the bar mitzvah.

Exercise caution 

It is however, advisable to do some careful research and planning before picking out a package. While a travel package may seem exciting simply because of the economical cost, there may be hidden charges that would unpleasantly surprise you at the wrong moment, leaving you feeling helpless and taken advantage of. Take the opinion of family & friends, and also take your time to check out the details and read the fine print. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Take a guided tour in Israel to get in-depth information and cover many places

Make a trip to Israel and visit the Holy Land. This is an experience you will cherish all your life. Tourists travel to this destination in large numbers every year to fulfill certain dreams and also to get a glimpse of the natural surroundings and history of Israel. Tour operators will take you to the important places so that there is no time wasted. Tourists flock to Israel and walk on the same path that Christ trod on to firm up their Christian faith. It would be difficult to plan these tour guides in Israel precisely on one’s own. Travel tour operators are best suited to make the arrangements for tourists who have varied reasons for traveling to the Holy Land. It could be a vacation or to learn more about the history and culture of the place.

The tours of Israel are varied and start from individual or group tours. You can take a private tour or an escorted tour. Inform your tour operator of your interest. The cities that are mainly visited are Tel Aviv and Jerusalem though some people prefer to see biblical and historical sites such as Caesarea and Masada. Other may wish to go to Eilat on a vacation and get an experience of life as it is experienced in Israel. These tour guides in Israel are planned accordingly for different requests and they handle the entire booking. Make sure to inform them of the budget. They begin by offering the best fares and arranging good hotels at reasonably low rates. If you require hiring a car, or other types of ground transportation when in Israel, they will ensure that these are arranged. These tour guides to Israel are multi-lingual and can speak languages such as French, German and Spanish. This makes it easier for tourists who cannot speak any other language as they can understand the guide and ask relevant questions.

The important places to see in Israel can be covered in one or two weeks so inform the travel agent accordingly about the duration of the tour. It is not difficult to work with them as they are knowledgeable about these destinations. They act as guides and provide extensive information about the attractions of Israel. You will find that the experience proves real value for money. Tour guides in Israel will give you an in-depth insight about the Christian and Jewish holy places that you will cover and you will definitely take home memories of a wonderful stay in Israel

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Israel Accommodation That Suits Every Budget

Tourists around the world come flocking to Israel, attracted by the various pilgrimage sites, nature reserves, museums, exhibitions, tourist attractions, and breathtaking pristine beaches. Regardless of what brings you to this spectacular country, you are sure to find a suitable Israel accommodation plans suiting your budget and preferences. The selection of accommodations available in the country is so varied that you may choose to spend each night in a different way altogether! 

The cities are dotted with numerous hotels ranging from the budget ones to the luxurious boutique hotels. Most of them are conveniently located to help you get to the airport or the various tourist attractions with ease. Some of them are located close to the main tourist centers while others are near the nature and hiking sites, so you may choose depending on how you plan to spend your vacation. 

Hotels are comfortable, and even the budget lodges offer decent bedrooms with basic amenities. If you would like to enjoy a luxurious stay then there are plush boutique hotels to give you a royal treatment. The boutique hotels boast of distinctive decor  and well-appointed rooms with elaborate furnishings and artifacts. You will also be able to enjoy gourmet meals and high class service. 

If you would like to stay close to the nature and pamper your senses with a nice massage then consider checking into one of the spa hotels that offer beauty treatments and massages in a romantic ambiance. You can also opt for private tours in Israel that will take you to the most important sightseeing places and cultural sites without any hassles. 

The adventure seekers who would like to explore the mountains trails or the countryside may consider putting up at the various bed and breakfast accommodations. These lodges are situated amidst natural surroundings and they offer you the opportunity to reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your soul. It offers you the perfect retreat away from the city madness, where you can enjoy the pastoral environment and picturesque panorama. 

If you are on a stringent budget then you may consider simple Israel accommodation at the field schools and youth hostels. These lodging options are usually situated close to the nature reserves and urban centers. They are simple, comfortable and offer good value for money. Those who are on pilgrimage & Christian tours, may consider staying at the Christian hostels and monasteries for that spiritual experience. 

With so many accommodations available in Israel, finding a decent place to rest after an enjoyable day out should not be hard! 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bar Mitzvah- An Occasion that requires a unique celebration!

Bar mitzvah tours are specially designed for families who wish to enjoy a spiritually enriching adventure and one-of-a-kind Israel experience. You can combine this important event with a family vacation to give your son wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and strengthen his connections with the country. Whether you wish to revel in a private Bar Mitzvah tour or celebrate with guests from Israel and abroad, we have the solution for you! 

You can choose from the Israel bar mitzvah private tours that bring you the diverse attractions in the world-class destination and help you explore the various cultural sites, making the ceremony and celebration more meaningful for the entire family! Although there’s no obligation, you may consider accompanying the memorable event of Bar Mitzvah with an enlightening tour across the numerous attractions that the country is known for. 

Israel is the birth place of Judaism, and Bar Mitzvah is an important traditional event that marks a boy’s formal advent into the Jewish faith and religious life of the community. Hence, opting for the Bar Mitzvah tours helps your child develop a bond with the holy land and understand the deep-rooted tradition and faith that he is now a part of. Hence, this type of tour not only serves as a celebration of the traditional event but also gives your family a wonderful vacation to remember! 

There are several agencies that offer Bar mitzvah tours packages in Israel to help families choose the tours as per their specific requirements and budget. Some of the tour managers may even arrange for a rabbi and organize the event so that the religious ceremony can be held without any hassles. You may choose to hold the event in a hotel, or in the beach, cave, dessert, or outdoor gardens. 

After the ceremony is done with, you can embark on visiting the various attractions with your family to pave the way for your child’s connection with his roots. A typical Bar mitzvah tour will take you through the various religious and cultural sites in the holy land of Jerusalem, and also offer you a glimpse of the cosmopolitanism of modern cities like Tel Aviv. 

The Bar mitzvah tour will usually include a visit to the synagogues and other important sightseeing spots such as the Western Wall which hold a significant place in the world history. Celebrate the event in the holy land of the Jewish people and take back memories that will last for a lifetime! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tradition Marries Modernization: Tel Aviv Tours and a Visit to the City that Never Sleeps

Israel is a country in the Middle East where major crossroads converge and meet. Rich in culture, the country boasts cities that date back thousands of years, with and outstanding and unique history in relation to its neighboring countries. Worthy of praise is the country's unparalleled and vast ranging combination of natural wonders, inland and at sea. 

Israel's strategic location is said to be perfect. With its arid terrains and sandy lands in the south to its fertile valleys and rocky hills where olives abound in the north, from the exhilarating touch of the wet sands on its beaches to the west and deltas of the Jordan River to the east. Israel's magnificent cities and scenery provide unequaled locations for photo shoots, beach volleyball and picnics or even frolicking on the beach and cool, carefree bathing. Israel shore excursions are perfect for a travel experience - visit cities that offer Israeli-touched culture, distinct cuisine and the exciting unrivaled experience of being in touch with history.  

Visit Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv lies on shore of the Mediterranean, on former sand dunes that used to have relatively poor and unproductive soil fertility. With the inclusion of the mineral-rich bluffs along the Mediterranean coastline and the Yarkon River mouth delta, the terrain has flattened and the gradients gone. Climate ranges from cold, rainy winters to hot, sultry temperatures of summer, with unpredictable springs and autumns. 

Known as the "City that Never Sleeps", the city of Tel Aviv is the second most populated city in Israel and the fifth most visited city in the Middle East and Africa. Tel Aviv is renowned for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, "24-hour culture", and city amenities such as bars, restaurants, cafes, parks and shopping centers. Tel Aviv is considered to be the "modern side" of Israel because of its city lifestyle atmosphere, with people literally never sleeping due to its fun-filled and lively, inviting atmosphere. Here, party-goers and tourists have the liberty to indulge in relaxing after a day of touring. Tel Aviv's cosmopolitan features allure tourists around the world, boasting such leading grand hotels as the Crown Plaza, Hilton and Sheraton, among others. The city even features an array of luxurious beaches, tourist club houses, museums and nature parks that are sightseeing venues for its 16 million annual visitors. 

Israel Tours- Nightlife in tel Aviv

Tel Aviv tours are notably exciting adventures for both local and foreign tourists. One of the greatest experiences the city provides is its gastronomic cuisine that combine local and international dishes and traditions. Japanese and Italian cuisines are popular for those who desire to have a full, satisfied belly after the long hours of touring the city. Many of the Israel group tours are a good way of enjoying the city, a place where traditions and modernization collide. Souks and general markets as well as its many shopping malls cater to all buying needs. 

Other Attractions 

Tel Aviv also has its own Greetres program. Tel-Aviv Greeter is a non-profit urban program offering an extraordinary experience that will give your stay in Tel-Aviv Jaffa a special flavor. Through the eyes of local Tel-Aviv residents you can get a unique insight into the city. Volunteering greeters act as hosts for a two-to-three hour visit – free-of-charge – to numerous city destinations and activities. If you want to take a neighborhood stroll, hear local stories, learn about our culture, or take a walk on the beach, we have a host for you. Greeters can also provide information about various places of interest such as museums, art galleries, nightlife, transportation and more. Greeters are passionate about Tel-Aviv Jaffa and the city’s numerous places of interest. They are enthusiastic volunteers—friends of the city who will devote their time to give you a personal taste of Tel-Aviv free of charge 

Tel Aviv is a perfect city getaway from the pressures of life. With its cool and modern set-up and its perfectly-preserved traditions, it is the perfect place for a vacation experience.

Visiting the World's Famous Dead Sea

Can you imagine yourself lying supine on a body of water - without sinking! Make your imagination come real by visiting the one of the largest bodies of salt water the world has to offer - the Dead Sea in Israel! 

Literally, the name "Dead Sea" does not justify the marvels of these waters where nature bursts forth its living miracle. The Dead Sea is said to be the world's most amazing body of water, formed by the Syrian-African rift, and surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. In biblical times this region was home to five famous ancient cities inscribed in the holy texts of the Bible including the infamous Sodom and Gomorrah. A Dead Sea guided tours is one that you must not miss when visiting Israel!

Nature's Bursting Miracle. A Dead Sea Tour

The Dead Sea is a marvelous destination for tourists seeking relief from the pressures and pains of city life. The region has evolved into a famous religious hub and destination for wellness tourism. Some of the finest hotels in Israel, spas and wellness centers flourish in the area, in addition to museums and archaeological centers that have been established for culture and history enthusiasts. The famous Dead Sea scrolls, including the Book of Leviticus, written on papyrus that grows near Dead Sea, were discovered in caves at the Dead Sea. These papyri are now on display at Israel's National Museum in Jerusalem. 

The depression of the water body is the lowest point on the earth's surface, measured at over 400 meters (or 1,312 feet) below sea level. The sources of the lake (not sea) are the rich and abundant water currents from the Jordan River. Due to its land-locked location and high temperatures, the waters of Dead Sea evaporate, leaving in their wake an immense supply of mineral-rich and salt-rich deposits. Float and swim in the warm, soothing waters of the Dead Sea with ten times the salt content of normal sea water. Be rejuvenated after soaking in the therapeutic mineral-rich water as you float effortlessly on its surface. 

Getting to the Dead Sea is easy especially if travel arrangements have been made and one has a tour book/brochure to guide you to the key areas and the ways to get there. It is also advisable to take anairport shuttle to Tel Aviv service if your last stop-over is the marvelous city of Tel Aviv. Most tourists prefer arranging a full-day tour that will include meals and access to pool and beach facilities. Tour Guides in Israel will arrange trips to the Dead Sea on a daily basis. 

Arranging your accommodation in Israel, is the most advisable and quickest way of making your travel experience to the Dead Sea swift and coordinated. Most of the hotels in the area boast salt and sweet water swimming pools as well as other luxurious amenities. After a whole-day of floating on the Dead Sea waters, one may wish to arrange a check-in in one of its local hotels and resume the sheer experience the next day, or depart for another destination. 

A visit to this world-famous destination will surely complete your Israel experience. Come to Israel's Dead Sea and literally bathe in salt and wellness! 

An Unforgettable Sojourn in the Biblical Country of Israel

Israel is considered a country worthy travelling to. Travelers always describe their experiences in the "Land of Milk and Honey" a worthy once-in-a-lifetime goal achieved. This is no wonder when this nation has both embraced the preservation of its culture and traditions, as well as modernization and changes brought on by time. 

A country in the Middle East, Israel has always been one of the sought after destinations of the region.Tours to Israel have been consistently high, catering to around 16 million visitors annually. Visitors arrive for various reasons and intentions - whether for business, pleasure or on religious pilgrimages and the country has always been considered an exhausting yet exhilarating getaway paradise. While some tourists prefer their Israel private tours to be religious and pilgrimage based, others find the country a haven of eco-tourism, culture and modernization with a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Israel Attractions and Holistic History

Gone are the days where most people were nomads, traveling from one place to another for subsistence, like Joseph and his family, and the country manifested its existence through the life of its people. Even though a millennium has passed agriculture is still the backbone of life, yet despite this perfectly-preserved tradition and way of life, it has never resisted embracing change through science, modernization and adopting cultures brought by its immigrants. 

Recounting the country's past, Israel has been home to numerous prophets referenced in the Holy Bible. Fortresses and aqueducts, ruined cities and temples, synagogues and crumbled rock buildings adorn the dusty lands of the country juxtaposed in its fine, warm beaches, most of which have been mentioned in the same holy text. The diverse and rich culture of the country is apparent through its architecture and arts. While Judaism and Islam are both practiced by Israelis, many practices have become interwoven and blended with traditions adopted by people today. 

Israel attractions appeal to many visitors. They include fascinating sights and scenery, balmy beaches, sandy terrains, arid deserts and sand dunes, rugged mountains and the famous Dead Sea. Israel is rich in ancient and modern architecture, synagogues, temples, antiquities and museums. Other fascinating sites in Israel are its markets, called souks. The spice trade has been strong since biblical times, alongside its agricultural produce, textiles and clothing, beautiful jewelry, livestock and dairy products. Enjoy fine dining and excellent cuisine with authentic traditional dishes that will delight every palate. 

Touring Israel is never complete without visiting its world heritage sites, identified with commendations by UNESCO. Visit the magnificent city of Jerusalem for a religious pilgrimage to the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives and the Via Dolorosa, as well the Wailing Wall, the Dome of the Rock and its many and various museums. Marvel at the city of Tel Aviv, with its vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere and exciting night life. Visit Israel, and experience a place where past and present mingle in eternity.