Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Top Israel Tourist Attractions

Israel is a fascinating tourist destination. From Dead Sea to Bahai Garden, mountain fortress Masada to Western Wall and not to forget, the Mount of Olives and Ein Karem- Israel tourist attractions cater to all kinds of tourists. Whether you are a religious person, a scholar with keen interest in history or an excited tourist, travel Israel to satiate the wanderlust in you.

Some of the most visited Israel tourist attractions are:

-          Jerusalem for Temple Mount, Wailing Wall, Mount of Olives, Church of Maria Magdalene, Yad Yashim Holocaust Memorial Museum, Dead Sea- the lowest point on Earth, Mt Zion related to King David and Ein Karem. Interestingly, Jerusalem is divided into four quarters: Christian, Armenian, Muslim and Jewish. It is a beautiful conglomeration of four different faiths. You don’t need to be with luxury Israel tours to visit these places. You can design your own itinerary or go for private tour companies too. But guided tours Israel is highly recommended for these sites so that you can be enlightened about the historical and religious backgrounds of each.
-          Tel Aviv for a cosmopolitan as well as cultural feel. This place is known for its gorgeous beaches. The vibrant night life of Tel Aviv makes it one of the most sought after Israel tourist attractions. With guided tours Israel can be even more fun as you will in-depth insights to every culture packed location.
-          Nazareth for its immense religious significance. This place is marked as the birth place of Christ, is therefore one of the major Israel tourist attractions for Christians the world over.
-          Caesarea for Crusader and Roman ruins.
-          Eliat for the beautiful Red Sea coast. The presence of coral reef makes the water appear reddish. People from the whole world gather here for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Other important Israel tourist attractions are the national parks, nature reserves and hiking trails. Long beaches along the coasts of Red Sea, Sea of Galilee and Dead Sea make it a world class tourist destination.

The luxury Israel tours can make your trip comfortable and hassle free. You will not need to worry about the itinerary, or moving around, multiple bookings or even refreshments on the road. Everything required enjoy your travel Israel will be taken care of by the management. And this does not mean that you have to shell out a lot of money to get this guidance. There are options of guided tours Israel travel in all kinds of budgets, agencies who provide quality service at an inexpensive price. And you can still get to see all the important Israel tourist attractions without spending a fortune.

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