Friday, August 16, 2013

Make His Bar Mitzvah Special - Creating unforgettable memories in Israel

While you are considering your options, there cannot be any place better than Israel to spend this happy occasion. Israel is the sacred place where Judaism took its roots and the country also has some very exciting tourist attractions, which can take your breath away. These places are full of culture and ancient tradition which will make the rituals to which your child is being introduced to, come alive. Thus, bar mitzvah trips in Israel could really make your child’s experience memorable for the rest of his life. It would be a wonderful time to pay homage to the great land, and a pilgrimage which you would all remember for many days to come. Your child would then cherish the memories, and take on his new phase in life with fresh feelings of contentment.

Holiday packages

There are plenty of Israel tour packages available for bar mitzvah tours in Israel and these packages usually include airfare, visa and visa processing fees, accommodation, food and sightseeing. You can pick the packages depending on the size of your family, and the number of days you can get off work. Most of the packages for bar mitzvah tours in Israel also include visits to some of the most beautiful places in Israel full of historic and religious significance. If your child’s birthday is somewhere during religious festivals, you could also use it as a great opportunity to visit the country at peak time when festivities are at their fullest. If you are yourself not very well versed with the Torah, you and your family could also attend special seminars which truly explain the full significance of the bar mitzvah.

Exercise caution 

It is however, advisable to do some careful research and planning before picking out a package. While a travel package may seem exciting simply because of the economical cost, there may be hidden charges that would unpleasantly surprise you at the wrong moment, leaving you feeling helpless and taken advantage of. Take the opinion of family & friends, and also take your time to check out the details and read the fine print. 


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