Monday, August 20, 2012

Choosing Your Private Tour Guide

It might seem like a simple task to hire a private tour guide in Israel given the fact you are getting someone just for you. The issue is making sure you find someone who not only knows the area but understands a little about you, your group and what it is you might be interested in. When you find the right tour guide, you would be amazed at the little gems that can be uncovered.

Israel private tour guides are often focused on all the religious sites given the deep seeded history in the area. The truth is, there are many other things to see and there are groups that want to know more about local culture, cuisine or other behaviors. The right tour guide can take you on the “foodie” journey of Israel rather than the religious past type tour. A perfect tour guide can find a way to marry the two options together.

Travelling in Austria, it seemed many of the tours focused on the famous films and standards of the region. There are private tours that can take you through the true hill country. You can take a look at how the farmers make their living and even sample some of the fare. There is much more to the region than the large towns.

One of the most popular private tours on the market in Germany is probably the beer tour. Here you can find many different guides to take you through the full history of German beer and how the process has developed over the years. Of course, this type of tour is often booked up during the Oktoberfest time.

No matter what you like, there is a private tour guide out there who can show you what is special about any area. By thinking a bit outside the box you can experience a more unique journey on your travels and you won’t have to just see the same old statues and buildings of everyone else. You pictures and your memories will truly be one of a kind, something you will never forget.

A Truly Religious Bar Mitzvah

There is no denying the Bar Mitzvah ritual has changed over the years. While the reading of the scrolls and the Temple part is still very much the same, the party afterwards has evolved. That is not to say it is bad, but when you live in a community where it is seen as a party every weekend you may begin to wonder if it is really where you want to spend your money and is this transition to manhood you seek for your child. An excellent alternative is to throw a Bar Mitzvah in Israel. While this might seem far fetched, the idea is catching fire in many places.

While you will likely have a much smaller group, you will be able to have a truly Jewish experience. For many young men this is their first trip to the sacred land and the Bar Mitzvah takes on an even deeper meaning. You can plan tours before and after the celebration. You can bring with you as many or as few people as you like. Most of all you can make sure the celebration is one of tradition and meaning rather than just a DJ with a bunch of pre-teens dancing the night away.

There are a number of services online that can help you plan the ceremony and the party location. As this has grown in popularity there are many businesses popping up to service those who are looking to put on such a celebration. The Israel Ministry of Tourism can help point you in the right direction and make your Bar Mitzvah in Israel plan to be a bit easier.

You should check with the child to see what they want as well, but selling them on a once in a lifetime trip shouldn’t be too difficult. The one piece of advice many parents give is to let the child bring at least one of their closest friends. As much as family is important, it helps to have a teenager experience something like this with their peers, it tends to make the whole journey a little more “real.”

Finding your way to See Jerusalem

When it comes to experiencing Jerusalem there are just so many options. Because it is the heart of three separate religions and very different people, it can be a confusing place to start. The great thing is there are a number of Jerusalem tour guides who can help you determine the Jerusalem tour that is right for you. You can experience all three religions, go for the Holy City tour, take a Jewish heritage tour and even head out to Bethlehem. With so much to choose from you might find yourself taking multiple tours of Jerusalem just to see all that you want.

Don’t feel bound by your belief system. Even if you have specific things you want to see because of your personal religion, try to be a bit open minded. This is something much of the region and the world could use and by expanding your tour options to include the other side of things, you might find you learn enough to make you more tolerant and understanding towards others.

There are many ways to see the town. You can head out on a segway, you can take a walking tour, a bus tour or even go in a luxury car. However you are most comfortable, that is how you should go. Often this is a once in a lifetime trip, so take the time to save money up and do what you really want to do while you are there. You don’t want to go home and regret the fifty bucks you didn’t spend only to realize it was the thing you never get to see.

There is wine! The food in the area is legendary especially when it comes to wine and cheese. This couples nicely with a trip to the Islamic Art Museum. A region so steeped in religious culture has plenty of other culture as well. It is easy to forget but you should take full advantage while you are there. A small side trip could lead to the most exciting part of your Jerusalem journey in no time at all.

Israel, a Land Rich in Culture

There are many reasons to travel to Israel. For some it feels like a journey home, for others it is an exploration in a religious background they may not understand. Whatever your reason for seeking a visitation to the Holy Land, it is important that you find things that truly make your experience unforgettable. For most people this means looking into the deep religious history of the area.

You might not know it, but there is the Israel Museum. This is a great place to start to see the history of the area and how it truly came to be. The museum covers the whole history of the region including the many religious transitions the area has gone through. By visiting the museum you may find there are even more sites you want to see than ever before. If you start here, you might have a deeper understanding of the places you go on your other Israel daily tours.

Many people have heard of the Wailing Wall, but might not understand the importance of the location. It is believed to be all that remains of a once great Jewish temple. Extending a mere 62 feet above the ground it is considered to be a sacred site, one that represents much of what the Jewish people have lost over the years, including their history. But it also stands for the resillence of the people. Despite the temple being gone, the people survive, in fact thrive. It stands as a true symbol of strength. This wall is a part of many of the Israel daily tours.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a marriage between the Christian history and the Jewish history. It is a place where those who believe in God’s son, Jesus can walk where he walked. For those of the Jewish faith, it is believed to be the site of the first and second Jewish temples in the region. There are many theories surrounding all of these ideas, but when you are there you have the opportunity to feel the importance of the history and love surrounding you.

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