Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tours to Israel: A Glimpse on Jerusalem, the "Holy City" of Israel

Imagine yourself landing from a plane, finding yourself in the land where synagogues, Jews, high priests, myrrh and aloes, and the Gethsemane gardens were said to have existed? The arid, dusty city that is immortally eulogized as the "Land of Milk and Honey" - Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel.

History of this old city dates back in the times of Abraham, the father of all nations. Great kings like David and Solomon rose from the line of Abraham and ascended to the throne of kingship, building and strengthening the kingdom amidst various threats from the tribes of the Philistines, Ottomans, Mameluks and Babylonians. The rise and fall of Jerusalem created marks in its history, infusing various cultures and traditions which were embraced by the Israelis even until today.

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