Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hassle-free Israel Tours

Excited to explore the attractions of your Israel tour, you alight from the plane, breeze through customs, and effortlessly get inside an awaiting vehicle. Sounds like a dream? Not anymore. These days, the convenience of a VIP airport service and a personal tour guide are becoming basic amenities for visitors who desire a satisfying, hassle-free vacation in Israel.

VIP service at Israel airport expedites all airport transactions, leaving your energy intact for the succeeding days. When you avail of a basic package, a VIP assistant waits for you with a sign, facilitates speedy transactions in passport control, identifies and collects your luggage, and finally escorts you to a waiting vehicle. For a higher rate, he/she would wait at the aircraft door, brings you to a waiting car that drives to the arrival halls. There, passport control and luggage retrieval are provided by the assistant. The most expensive VIP treatment has an assistant meet you at the plane’s door and bring you to the car that transports you to the Masada Lounge. There, you and your party can relax while the assistant completes passport control for you. After that, you proceed to your final destination onboard a comfortable car or van. The rates for VIP airport service ranges from USD $115 to USD $300 depending on the service provider, number of persons, and the chosen package.

Every year, there are more than 3 million tourists coming to Israel. This results in many kinds of Israel tours to choose from. You don’t have to take the generic bus tour. Avail of a personal tour guide to make your visit more rewarding and convenient. Israel private tour guides are well-educated, either born in Israel or legal residents of the country. Each has a tour guide license from Israel’s Ministry of Tourism obtained after undertaking a specific academic course. Israel’s personal tour guides are proud of their heritage. They know much about their geography and their culture and they are willing to share this with their visitors. The services of a personal tour guide exclusive of a vehicle is about USD $350. A complete package (guide and vehicle) would be about USD $550 to USD $900 per day.

Realize your dream vacation through a hassle-free Israel tour. Avail of the VIP Israel service at the airport for convenience and let us welcome you to Israel in the best way. Add a personal tour guide and your experience would indeed be more rewarding.

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