Monday, August 20, 2012

Choosing Your Private Tour Guide

It might seem like a simple task to hire a private tour guide in Israel given the fact you are getting someone just for you. The issue is making sure you find someone who not only knows the area but understands a little about you, your group and what it is you might be interested in. When you find the right tour guide, you would be amazed at the little gems that can be uncovered.

Israel private tour guides are often focused on all the religious sites given the deep seeded history in the area. The truth is, there are many other things to see and there are groups that want to know more about local culture, cuisine or other behaviors. The right tour guide can take you on the “foodie” journey of Israel rather than the religious past type tour. A perfect tour guide can find a way to marry the two options together.

Travelling in Austria, it seemed many of the tours focused on the famous films and standards of the region. There are private tours that can take you through the true hill country. You can take a look at how the farmers make their living and even sample some of the fare. There is much more to the region than the large towns.

One of the most popular private tours on the market in Germany is probably the beer tour. Here you can find many different guides to take you through the full history of German beer and how the process has developed over the years. Of course, this type of tour is often booked up during the Oktoberfest time.

No matter what you like, there is a private tour guide out there who can show you what is special about any area. By thinking a bit outside the box you can experience a more unique journey on your travels and you won’t have to just see the same old statues and buildings of everyone else. You pictures and your memories will truly be one of a kind, something you will never forget.

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