Monday, August 20, 2012

Israel, a Land Rich in Culture

There are many reasons to travel to Israel. For some it feels like a journey home, for others it is an exploration in a religious background they may not understand. Whatever your reason for seeking a visitation to the Holy Land, it is important that you find things that truly make your experience unforgettable. For most people this means looking into the deep religious history of the area.

You might not know it, but there is the Israel Museum. This is a great place to start to see the history of the area and how it truly came to be. The museum covers the whole history of the region including the many religious transitions the area has gone through. By visiting the museum you may find there are even more sites you want to see than ever before. If you start here, you might have a deeper understanding of the places you go on your other Israel daily tours.

Many people have heard of the Wailing Wall, but might not understand the importance of the location. It is believed to be all that remains of a once great Jewish temple. Extending a mere 62 feet above the ground it is considered to be a sacred site, one that represents much of what the Jewish people have lost over the years, including their history. But it also stands for the resillence of the people. Despite the temple being gone, the people survive, in fact thrive. It stands as a true symbol of strength. This wall is a part of many of the Israel daily tours.

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is a marriage between the Christian history and the Jewish history. It is a place where those who believe in God’s son, Jesus can walk where he walked. For those of the Jewish faith, it is believed to be the site of the first and second Jewish temples in the region. There are many theories surrounding all of these ideas, but when you are there you have the opportunity to feel the importance of the history and love surrounding you.

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