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Tradition Marries Modernization: Tel Aviv Tours and a Visit to the City that Never Sleeps

Israel is a country in the Middle East where major crossroads converge and meet. Rich in culture, the country boasts cities that date back thousands of years, with and outstanding and unique history in relation to its neighboring countries. Worthy of praise is the country's unparalleled and vast ranging combination of natural wonders, inland and at sea. 

Israel's strategic location is said to be perfect. With its arid terrains and sandy lands in the south to its fertile valleys and rocky hills where olives abound in the north, from the exhilarating touch of the wet sands on its beaches to the west and deltas of the Jordan River to the east. Israel's magnificent cities and scenery provide unequaled locations for photo shoots, beach volleyball and picnics or even frolicking on the beach and cool, carefree bathing. Israel shore excursions are perfect for a travel experience - visit cities that offer Israeli-touched culture, distinct cuisine and the exciting unrivaled experience of being in touch with history.  

Visit Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv lies on shore of the Mediterranean, on former sand dunes that used to have relatively poor and unproductive soil fertility. With the inclusion of the mineral-rich bluffs along the Mediterranean coastline and the Yarkon River mouth delta, the terrain has flattened and the gradients gone. Climate ranges from cold, rainy winters to hot, sultry temperatures of summer, with unpredictable springs and autumns. 

Known as the "City that Never Sleeps", the city of Tel Aviv is the second most populated city in Israel and the fifth most visited city in the Middle East and Africa. Tel Aviv is renowned for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, "24-hour culture", and city amenities such as bars, restaurants, cafes, parks and shopping centers. Tel Aviv is considered to be the "modern side" of Israel because of its city lifestyle atmosphere, with people literally never sleeping due to its fun-filled and lively, inviting atmosphere. Here, party-goers and tourists have the liberty to indulge in relaxing after a day of touring. Tel Aviv's cosmopolitan features allure tourists around the world, boasting such leading grand hotels as the Crown Plaza, Hilton and Sheraton, among others. The city even features an array of luxurious beaches, tourist club houses, museums and nature parks that are sightseeing venues for its 16 million annual visitors. 

Israel Tours- Nightlife in tel Aviv

Tel Aviv tours are notably exciting adventures for both local and foreign tourists. One of the greatest experiences the city provides is its gastronomic cuisine that combine local and international dishes and traditions. Japanese and Italian cuisines are popular for those who desire to have a full, satisfied belly after the long hours of touring the city. Many of the Israel group tours are a good way of enjoying the city, a place where traditions and modernization collide. Souks and general markets as well as its many shopping malls cater to all buying needs. 

Other Attractions 

Tel Aviv also has its own Greetres program. Tel-Aviv Greeter is a non-profit urban program offering an extraordinary experience that will give your stay in Tel-Aviv Jaffa a special flavor. Through the eyes of local Tel-Aviv residents you can get a unique insight into the city. Volunteering greeters act as hosts for a two-to-three hour visit – free-of-charge – to numerous city destinations and activities. If you want to take a neighborhood stroll, hear local stories, learn about our culture, or take a walk on the beach, we have a host for you. Greeters can also provide information about various places of interest such as museums, art galleries, nightlife, transportation and more. Greeters are passionate about Tel-Aviv Jaffa and the city’s numerous places of interest. They are enthusiastic volunteers—friends of the city who will devote their time to give you a personal taste of Tel-Aviv free of charge 

Tel Aviv is a perfect city getaway from the pressures of life. With its cool and modern set-up and its perfectly-preserved traditions, it is the perfect place for a vacation experience.

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