Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bar Mitzvah- An Occasion that requires a unique celebration!

Bar mitzvah tours are specially designed for families who wish to enjoy a spiritually enriching adventure and one-of-a-kind Israel experience. You can combine this important event with a family vacation to give your son wonderful memories that will last a lifetime and strengthen his connections with the country. Whether you wish to revel in a private Bar Mitzvah tour or celebrate with guests from Israel and abroad, we have the solution for you! 

You can choose from the Israel bar mitzvah private tours that bring you the diverse attractions in the world-class destination and help you explore the various cultural sites, making the ceremony and celebration more meaningful for the entire family! Although there’s no obligation, you may consider accompanying the memorable event of Bar Mitzvah with an enlightening tour across the numerous attractions that the country is known for. 

Israel is the birth place of Judaism, and Bar Mitzvah is an important traditional event that marks a boy’s formal advent into the Jewish faith and religious life of the community. Hence, opting for the Bar Mitzvah tours helps your child develop a bond with the holy land and understand the deep-rooted tradition and faith that he is now a part of. Hence, this type of tour not only serves as a celebration of the traditional event but also gives your family a wonderful vacation to remember! 

There are several agencies that offer Bar mitzvah tours packages in Israel to help families choose the tours as per their specific requirements and budget. Some of the tour managers may even arrange for a rabbi and organize the event so that the religious ceremony can be held without any hassles. You may choose to hold the event in a hotel, or in the beach, cave, dessert, or outdoor gardens. 

After the ceremony is done with, you can embark on visiting the various attractions with your family to pave the way for your child’s connection with his roots. A typical Bar mitzvah tour will take you through the various religious and cultural sites in the holy land of Jerusalem, and also offer you a glimpse of the cosmopolitanism of modern cities like Tel Aviv. 

The Bar mitzvah tour will usually include a visit to the synagogues and other important sightseeing spots such as the Western Wall which hold a significant place in the world history. Celebrate the event in the holy land of the Jewish people and take back memories that will last for a lifetime! 

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