Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Israel tourist attractions - Masada

To reach Masada you descend all the way down to the Judean Desert. And before you further descend to the lowest point of the Earth (the Dead Sea is located at 400m below the actual sea level) you will have the opportunity to pass by and visit the fabled inn of the Good Samaritan. This famous inn is a 19th century Turkish building which is home to one of the largest museums of Mosaic work of the world. And it is also home to the faithful belief that this here the actual Good Samaritan of the Bible worked his kind magic making it rich in both art and history. The displays include archaeological artifacts and mosaics from Jewish and Samaritan synagogues as well as from Christian churches, making the museum a must-visit site in the list of Israel tourist attractions

Planning a vacation in Israel is like packing up your desire for the deep history and spiritualism of the country. And Masada tours offer one of the finest examples of those. Here you will find the famous fortress, the 2000-year old palace which was built by King Herod, where the later Jews rebelled against the tyranny of Rome and then martyred themselves rather than give into the ignominy of slavery. It has inspired many generations of travelers filling them with awe at their brave deed making Masada a UNESCO world heritage site. 

Masada tours also include a nature hike to the Ein Gedi, a national park for endangered animals which also boasts of several ancient sites and refreshing and beautiful pools. When you leave the Judean desert for Jerusalem you will get a splendid view of the Old Roman Road and Jericho.

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