Thursday, May 24, 2012

Private tours in Israel

Private tours can be theme or route based. You can choose a day tour or a week long depending on your budget, schedule and your destination. To view the modern day and cosmopolitan Israel you can choose the Tel Aviv tours. If you want to trace the path of early Christianity you can opt for a Holy Land tours or look for Jerusalem tour guides.  

A glimpse at some of the popular Israel private tours:

  • Tel Aviv Tours: A drive through the thriving metropolis of Tel Aviv will bring you to the juncture where modern day Israel shares the podium with the ancient history, art and culture of a place which is known as the Promised Land. Among the places of interest you will find the Dizengoff Street, the Hall of Independence, Rothschild's Boulevard, and the memorial at Yitzchak Rabin Square. Also worth visiting are the Weizman Institute in Rehovot, the Museum of the Diaspora and the notable Ammunition Slik in Nes Tziona. Take time to step into the Great Synagogue and also the famous Safari Zoo.
  • Jerusalem and Bethlehem Tour: Get on the holy tour of the holy land to experience spiritual awakening at the birth place of Christianity and Judaism. Witness the Old city and New Jerusalem, the old Carrdo – Jewish market place during the Roman times and pay your respects at the holy place of Kotel – the Wailing Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Jerusalem tour guides will take you further on to Bethlehem to view the Shepherd’s field, Rachel’s Tomb, Manager’s square and the church of Nativity.

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