Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Masada Tours

There are lots of things to do in Israel and you need do a thorough research and plan your vacation in Israel well if you want to savor every mile of this beautiful culture packed country. But, no trip in Israel is complete without a touch of Masada tours. The site of the infamous siege and the gory rebel suicides, Masada has been a part of Israeli history from time immemorial. Typical Masada tours include a journey down the stark beauty of the Judean Desert and a visit to the inn of the Good Samaritan, one of the world’s largest Mosaic museums. The main attraction is the 2000-year old palace built by King Herod which later became the site for Jewish defiance of the Roman rule and the subsequent mass suicide.

Once you have seen and felt the magic of the place you can conclude your Masada tour with a therapeutic treatment with the natural Dead Sea mud and salt at the leading spas.

A vacation in Israel is multifaceted with the newer and modern art and culture influence of Tel Aviv to the ancient and traditional feel of Jerusalem and Masada. You will find that there are numerous things to do in Israel including adventure sports and holy land pilgrimage. This diversity is a part of the land’s history, its unique geographical location which encompasses both land and sea boundaries.

The wanderlust in you looks for adventure every time you travel to newer lands and your Israel adventure will be an equally unique experience. Israel is the Promised Land mentioned as early as Biblical times and it has also been marked with equal stress and strife in modern times. Yet, every time it has risen to the occasion and shown the world the greatness and glory of its heritage. It is perhaps one the very few countries that draw people for religion and adventure with equal zest.

Therefore, when you plan your vacation in Israel you need to keep these diversities in mind. Plan your tours around the adventurous activities like hang-gliding & paragliding, rafting and kayaking, with camel and jeep tours, water and snow skiing, as well as skydiving. In between these you can sate the history buff in you by visiting the old ruins and archaeological sites, the Dead Se scrolls. And if you are looking for spiritual things to do in Israel then a Holy Land tour should be in your agenda. You can retrace the steps of Jesus’s life from Bethlehem to Nazareth; feel the room of the Last Supper and Christ’s sacrifice and pain in the Crucifixion site.

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